Aaron/c17 canals/canal watertest (WC)

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Aaron/c17 canals/canal watertest (WC)
Canal watertest0012.jpg
Map Overview
Engine Pre-Release Source
Game Half-Life 2
Leak WC Mappack
Map Date July 3rd, 2003
Editor Build 2366
Map Date (NET) April 17, 2003

canal_watertest is a 2003-era map that comprises part of the early Canals chapter. The map was created by Aaron Barber, and remains within the WC Mappack in an unfinished - albeit partially playable - state.


The map is set in a small portion of the Canals area that would eventually make it's way into the final build of Half-Life 2. Like canal_jetski, this map takes place in a fairly cramped area of the canals, with a lot of vertical gameplay that forces the player to fight Combine soldiers, Manhacks and Barnacles that are above them. Buildings that can be entered by the player are also key features of the map, allowing for tight, close-quarters combat. Much of the map's geometry is copied from canal_jetski, but there are a number of added clip brushes to prevent the player from climbing on rubble.

Gameplay-wise, the map features seven Manhacks, seventeen Metropolice, thirteen Barnacles, and four Bullsquids. The map lacks changelevel triggers and is made up of mostly orange dev textures, but is otherwise fairly complete. It is an easy map to fix, though it is shown here in the unfixed state that it exists as within the WC Mappack.



In Game