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Featured Article - Combine Soldier (Evolution)

The Combine Soldier

V4 zoomin.png

is a transhuman enemy fought in Half-Life 2 and its episodes. It went through a long and diverse revision history, a lot of which pictures have been released for.

Concepts There is a large amount of art of the Combine Soldier, radically different from any versions we see in-game.

Early Suit Designs A few early concepts show different ideas for the Combine Soldier's design. For example, the "flames" soldiers reuse the head from some metrocop concept art.

These are from a later point, when the general design of the Combine Soldier was decided on. Some of the concepts here experiment with a different head, along with coloration and smaller body details.

It's worth noting that in Half-Life 2 Survivor, the Combine medic models make some use of the alternate head designs.

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  Half-Life 2 Team Fortress Series Leaks & Events Development
Half-Life 2 Team Fortress Series Leaks Development
Did you know...
  • ...That the Gasmask Citizen's face texture is based off one of Gabe Newell's friends, Juan Martinez?

  • ...That Team Fortress 2 originally was an RTS-Inspired game, with rounds being at least 45 minutes long?

  • ...That Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) was nearly leaked all the way back in 2003 during the height of the leaks and still remains one of the most mysterious things to remain unleaked?

  • ...That the Conscripts originally filled the role of the rebellion, and would act like the Security Guard AI in Half-Life 1?

  • ...That the Bullsquid was not cut once, but twice over the course of Half-Life 2's development?

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