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The VCC Wiki is dedicated to the documentation of Valve's Cut Content, It was created in response to a perceived absence of this documentation in the more "generalist" Valve wikis.

The VCC community however started as a series of threads back when Facepunch hosted forums for discussing a larger variety of topics, the reason for this was a widespread interest the cut content present in the original 2003 Half-Life 2 leak, and later other valve games.


In 2003, a German hacker gained access to Valve's files, and grabbed several of them for his own use. Some other hacker took the files from the first guy, and then leaked them to the internet.

This is an overly simplified version of the story, but it's how the 2003 version of HL2 made it onto the open web.

The theft/leak/whatever included tons of cut content, ranging from slightly-different textures, to entire enemies, story sections, maps, sounds, and much more.

Additionally in 2003, Valve released a book titled "Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar", which explained several elements of the development of several games, including concept art, unused story elements, and renders of old content.

Because of this being the foundation of the community more or less, Half-Life 2 cut content is still sought after to this day. There are many assets that still remain lost or broken beyond repair.

Another possible reason people care so much about HL2 content is that the series has had a 9+ year drought since the last game, and many have resorted to trying to find some fun in the old files.

The condensed history of the VCC threads and this wiki


[Jill] Site owner and runner. The topest of dogs.

[Liblung] Creator of the original wikia's. Master behind many of the oldest and most well done articles from those days.

[C.Marti] Young beta fan, spends time working on his beta game and webcomic.

[Uncanny] Australian mastermind, runs the official twitter account, and is the main architect behind the HL2 era articles.

[Bun] Creator + original owner of the VCC Discord server, and the other main curator behind the era articles. Australian, but unsure if master of mind. Probably unabashedly deranged.

[Crazybubba] Beta war veteran, current head of the VCC Discord server. Sound card sultan and the man who gave us Nokia ringtone Arabic.

[Captain Vance] Doesn't know how bad things really are. Is commonly seen asking people to try doing things for the wiki.