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Oicw viewmdl front trans.png
Viewmodel Front
OICW viewmdl side trans.png
Viewmodel Side
Oicw worldmdl trans2.png
Basic Information
Name XM29 OICW
Faction Combine; Conscript
Origin Human
Technical Specifications
Fire Rate Medium
  • 3 (To you)
  • 10 (To enemies)
Accuracy Medium
Fire Mode Full-Auto
Recoil Medium; increases with continued fire
Ammo Type Medium Rounds
Clip Size 30
Max. Clips (including active) 6
Ammo on weapon pickup 30
Ammo on ammopack pickup 30
Technical Specifications (Altfire)
  • 50 (To you)
  • 100 (To NPCs)
Accuracy Affected by gravity; otherwise accurate
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Recoil Heavy
Clip Size 1
Game Information
View Model v_ar2.mdl
World Model w_ar2.mdl
Weapon Entity(s) weapon_ar2 (Leak only)
Ammo Entity(s)
  • item_box_mrounds
    (ammo entity)
  • item_large_box_mrounds
    (large ammo entity)
  • item_ar2_grenade
    (grenade ammo entity)
Ammo Type Medium Rounds

The XM29 OICW is the effective predecessor to the OSPIR. It is still in use in the leak.


The AR2 is a medium power assault-rifle which can be carried by both the player, and combine soldiers in the alpha.

Cut Grenade Launching Function

While in the playable Half-Life 2 Leak there is a zoom function as the secondary attack of the OICW, it seems that early in development the weapon instead possessed a grenade launcher as it's secondary attack:

  • In the leaked E3 2002 trailer, the player can be seen firing a grenade at the strider with an OICW;
  • The SMG grenades are still named "AR2_grenade"s internally;
  • In the WC mappack map zoo_item, going to the SMG grenades causes the message "AR2 Grenades" to appear on the screen.

In both the leaked and the retail codebases, there are also snippets of code that allow the Combine Soldiers to use this secondary attack, in a manner similar to the HECU Soldiers in Half-Life 1. These code snippets are commented however, suggesting that this ability was cut very early in the development of Half-Life 2, possibly due to gameplay balancing problems.

Facepunch Leaks

Alongside everything else leaked, the OICW had the official source files for its viewmodel and a reference image for it leaked.

Source Files

In the source files of the OICW, there is a version of the model present that has had the scope (poorly) removed. This version matches up with an unused HUD icon of it (in halflife2.ttf) without a scope, and it appears to show that the zooming function on the OICW was cut before the OICW itself was. Considering the incomplete state of the scope removal, however, there may not have been much of a gap between the two removals.

Besides the scopeless version, the source files are largely mundane.

Reference Image

One of PelPix's leaks was the reference photo for the OICW, from which several textures for it are adapted from. Additionally, searching "OICW" brings up the original version of that reference image. It is interesting to note that this particular variant of the OICW was made in January of 1998[1].

Older Texture

Alongside the current textures in the Leak are two others from an earlier version of the model. They appear in a few early screenshots of Half-Life 2.

Curiously, the old scope texture is still in use on the worldmodel.


  • The AR2 is based on the XM29 OICW, an experimental high-tech assault rifle program that was under development for many years before eventually being abandoned.
  • The weapon initially featured a functional grenade launcher which was featured in a 2002 trailer for the game.
  • The alpha build of the game has a functional scope in place of the grenade launcher seen in earlier versions.


Renders (Worldmodel)

Newer Texture

Older Texture

Textures (New)

Textures (Old)