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Featured Article - F-Stop
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Shortly after the release of the Orange Box, Gabe Newell was concerned that Valve was focusing too much time on releasing games, and not on experimenting/innovation. To combat this, he thought up the 'Directed Design Experiments'. In essence, Valve would shut down development on games and let the employees do whatever they want. Valve would turn into a creative playground for four months, with no stress or pressure from developing full games.

One of these experiments was titled F-STOP; A project that made Gabe Newell think "Fuck yeah!" after seeing it. Valve were sure that this could be the mechanic for the next Portal game, thinking that Portal as a franchise would have a new mechanic each game, with a common link of Aperture Science experimentation.

This, of course, didn't pan out.

After nearing a year of active development, Valve began to question everything. Playtesters thought the overall mechanic of the game was fun, but were confused at the fact they didn't have a Portal gun... in the sequel to Portal. In October to December of 2008, development of the game was completely rebooted, leading to the Portal 2 that released.

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Enemies Weapons Characters Maps
Did you know...
  • ... That many Half Life 2 models are reference meshes for subsurface modifiers?
  • ... That the configuration files for the HL2 E3 2003 demo persist in most source engine games?
  • ... That the Citizen seen in the dangerted screenshot is wholly unique?
  • ... That there are two sets of Conscript textures in the Leak, with the one difference being their gloves?
  • ... That GLaDOS's lines were originally by a TTS program hosted by AT&T?