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What is the VCC Wiki?

VCC Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the documentation of Valve's Cut Content. It was created in response to a perceived absence of this documentation in the more "generalist" Valve wikis.

As a result of this, our primary focus is on Valve's cut content, and the community surrounding it.

Why Not Edit?

Notice a factual error somewhere? See a formatting issue that nobody seems to have noticed? Try your hand at editing it!

Even if you don't do the job correctly, all that will happen is that someone will come over and fix it, perhaps telling you how to do it correctly the next time.

Don't be afraid to edit. Nobody blames an editor with good intentions.

If you're looking for help or Feedback, head on over to our official discord and @ai_relationship_wiki! this way you can talk in real time rather than waiting on the talk page.

Page Philosophy

Let's face it - we're not going to have a universal set of standards for everything, considering our weird and varied subject matter.

When doing something new, don't approach it with a bunch of pre-thought-out header structures in mind. Think to yourself, what would work best? Often, that's the way that gets the best results.


Should Reads

It's helpful to look over these pages before editing:

  • Neutral Point of View
    • A quick overview of Neutral Point of View, and how to use it.
  • Formatting Conventions
    • A (relatively short) list of formatting conventions. Getting familiar now will save you time later.
  • Useful Stuff
    • An index of files and programs that are extremely useful to have when editing on this wiki.
  • Template Guide
    • A guide on how to use templates, and a list of the templates VCC Wiki makes usage of.

Can Reads

They aren't necessary, but are useful in their own situations.