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The Gravity Gun is the trademark weapon of Half-Life 2 and its episodes, showcasing the ability to utilize physics objects to solve puzzles and also the ability to weaponize said physics objects against enemies. The Gravity Gun went through a short but sweet evolution taking on a few different shapes before the retail version.

Version 1: 2002

2002 blurrykeynote.jpg

This is the earliest iteration of the Gravity Gun currently known and was first shown off in the Steam Developer Conference in 2006, for a while these were the only known pieces of materials for this iteration until both a render of its viewmodel with a placeholder texture and the actual model with its animations and textures were leaked in 2016.

It uses a very different mesh than what is seen in future iterations, resembling more of a rusted metal contraption provocative of the more dirty aesthetic seen in most beta weapons and concept art.

The texture used for this version is most likely made using the same method used for most Half-Life 1 weapons.

Steam Developer Conference Images

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Version 2: Leak

Leak physcannon.png

This version of the Gravity Gun is the one present in the Leak.

This version is when the weapon took the shape of the Gravity Gun that we know and love and much like other weapons in the leak, has a higher resolution texture than that present in retail but unlike other leaked weapons, the higher-res texture is actually used.

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Version 3: Final

Retail grav.png

This is the final iteration of the Gravity Gun, used in Half-Life 2 and its episodes.

As is the same for all retail weapons, they use a lower resolution texture than what is present in the Leak.

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Texture File Comparison

3 Textures in total so far.