AI Hallwalk (WC)

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AI Hallwalk (WC)
Ai hallwalk.png
Map Overview
Engine Source 2003
Game Half-Life 2
Map Date (last modified) 34
Editor Build 2045
Map Date (NET) May 31, 2002

Ai_Hallwalk is a testmap intended to test the ability of the AI to navigate a simple course.


AI_Hallwalk is a simplistic dev-textured map intended to test AI navigation. It does not function in the current versions of Half-Life 2, as no destination is set on the scripted_sequences used to make the npc_barneys move.


  • \
  • \john\ai_testmaps\

Unused Visgroups

6 objects

Hammer hallwalk002.png

Six func_movelinears named variations of hall_block_[1-3][a-b]. They have no inputs or outputs, making it unclear what their purpose was.