Aaron/c17 canals/canals industrial01 (WC)

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Aaron/c17 canals/canals industrial01 (WC)
Canals industrial010005.jpg
Map Overview
Engine Pre-Release Source
Game Half-Life 2
Leak WC Mappack
Map Date November 4th, 2002
Editor Build 2199
Map Date (NET) November 01, 2002

canals_industrial01 is a 2002-era map that comprises part of the early Canals chapter. The map was created by Aaron Barber, and remains within the WC Mappack in an unfinished - albeit partially playable - state.


The map is set in a small portion of the Canals area that would eventually make it's way into the final build of Half-Life 2. Instead of collapsed buildings like the other Canals maps that were made in 2002, this map is focused mainly around a short, linear Canal section with a large warehouse at the end. Gameplay-wise, the map features two Manhacks, one Houndeye, twenty-five Barnacles, and two Bullsquids. The map lacks changelevel triggers, but is otherwise fairly complete. It is an easy map to fix, though it is shown here in the unfixed state that it exists as within the WC Mappack.

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