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Bot npc archer.png
Model models/player/sniper.mdl
AI Basic NextBot

bot_npc_archer is an unused entity in Team Fortress 2. It is a NextBot NPC that takes the form of a huntsman-wielding Sniper. The entity is not present in the FGD however it can be spawned ingame through console commands. The original purpose of this NPC is unknown but it is assumed to have been used for early prototype testing of Mann Vs. Machine.


When it is spawned, the archer will mark its spawn position as its "home" position.

When a boss is present on the map the archer will move to its home position and then attempt to acquire and shoot any BLU players it can see. If the bot were to somehow be spawned away from its home position before it begins to attack (this is not normally possible as the bot sets the position as soon as it spawns) then it will first run to the home position before attacking. Once the bot has started attacking, it will not move even if forced out of its home position. It's not clear if this is intentional or an oversight.

If there is no boss on the map when the bot is spawned or the currently active boss dies, then the bot will enter the humiliation pose and stop attacking. Once it has entered this state it is impossible for the bot to exit it.



  • The variable tf_bot_npc_archer_speed is set up but not used by the NPC.
  • Despite simulating a player, this NextBot does not use the player NextBot class and is instead a regular NextBot NPC.
  • Interestingly, the NPC specifically targets BLU players. This could suggest that early iterations of MvM had human players be BLU rather than RED.