C1a3a port (WC)

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C1a3a port (WC)
Map Overview
Engine Pre-Release Source
Game Half-Life 2
Leak WC Mappack
Usage December 14, 2000
Editor Build 1512
Map Date (NET) December 14, 2000

C1A3A_Port is a very basic port of C1A3A from the original Half-Life, replacing HECU Grunts with Combine Soldiers and Half-Life 1 textures with early Half-Life 2 counterparts. It is the oldest map found in the WC Mappack, with the version in Lars's folder dating to December 14th or 18th of 2000.


The map is functionally identical to its Half-Life 1 counterpart in layout and entity placement, with Combine Soldiers replacing the HECU grunts. Neither the doors nor elevators found within the map work, most likely due to code changes by the time Half-life 2 had leaked or a lack of effort on the porters' behalf into turning the level into a functional state. Of the changes throughout the level, an interesting point to take note of is that of the barrels, which appear similar to their cut DirectX 6 versions. Said barrels produce wood gibs upon breaking, possibly a sign that the objects were not properly set up with source's func_breakable gib system in mind. In spite of the level's action-oriented focus, the player spawns without any weapons, hinting that testing on the map likely involved scripts or binds in order to procure proper equipment.

Recovered Screenshot

On November 18th, 2020, VCC and Project Beta user c.marti had discovered a previously unseen screenshot of a slightly earlier version of the map, likely dating to October of 2000, if not earlier, while searching through an old powerpoint presentation by Lars Linden. This screenshot contained a previously unseen rendition of the Combine Soldier, featuring a completely different color scheme and mesh. In addition to this, the screenshot also gives a higher resolution, closer, and better angled view of several old versions to textures, specifically including better shots of concretewall017c, concretewall016c, concretefloor010a, and metalfloor001a.

The map featured in the screenshot also appears to have geometry differences as when attempting to line up the same view, the railing closest to the camera is about 3 hammer units offset from the map in the leak.

Points of Interest

  • Some breakable crates use the gib model "med_crategibs.mdl," leading to errors due to a lack of this model being ported from Half-Life.
  • The conveyor belts have an increased speed to the point that the player must sprint in order to clear them. Since sprinting was not in the original Half-Life, this means that it was implemented very early on in Half-Life 2's development.
  • Some wall textures are misaligned. This can even be seen in official screenshots of the map.
  • Both the entrance and exit to the level contain info_landmarks. There are no associated changelevel triggers.