Combine Synth Guard

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Combine Guard


The Combine guard is a hulking part-synth part-human enemy cut from Half-Life 2. It was an Indirect predecessor to the Combine Elite seen in retail.


The Combine guard wields a weapon simply known as the Combine guard gun as indicated by it's entity name "weapon_cguard", it is very similar to the Strider's warp cannon but in a portable form. The Combine guard only appears in two maps from the WC MapPack: "e3_terminal" and "cguard01" (both non-storyline related maps). The only way to kill the Combine guard is to throw physics objects at it as indicated in the source code (However, this crashes the game in the vanilla 2003 leak).

Connection to retail Ep2 Hunter

This particular NPC has made It's way into retail via a descendant known as the Hunter as it shares a (albeit modified) common AI.

Combine Synth Guard
Model Low Model ver within V31-V35; Missing bodygroups
Texture All present
AI Charges player; Charges warp cannon