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Derek Jenson's portfolio contains several clips of Half-Life 2's models performing various animations, with many appearances of early content scattered throughout.



On December 21st, 2017 Dindex posted a link to the portfolio[1], rediscovering it. He commented alongside, "I don't think no one has seen this before."

It is worth noting, however, that the Half-Life 2 section of the portfolio has been available in its current form since at least December 22nd, 2011[2].

Two days later, Akis_02 posted a message[3], stating that his friend epicplayer40 had contacted Derek about the renders. It includes this quotation:

At one time I had the source for the whole game. But I worked on that project 13-15 years ago. The HD that held that data was wiped and recycled a long time ago.




Barnacle Taste

  • The solid-gray rat model present in the Leak makes an appearance, with animations not present on the Leak counterpart.

Barnacle Attack

  • The early 2004 Combine soldier is used.
  • The animation shown does not make an appearance in the final version.

Soldier Deploy

  • The early 2004 Combine soldier is again used.
  • The OICW worldmodel the soldier is carrying appears to be using an earlier texture than the one in the Leak.

Gunship Fire

  • The animation being played is actually "reload_nose_weapon".
  • The gunship being shown in similar in appearance to the Leak's, with no blue lighting along the bottom.

Zombie Run

  • Although the fast zombie model is identical to the final version, the headcrab atop it uses the Leak's texture.

Zombie Attack

  • The Leak's model is used.
Jenson zombie.png

Admire Suit

  • The "clench" at the end is much more pronounced.
  • The HEV hands use an early version of the texture that is identifiable by its white thumbs and fingers.

Turret Fire

  • The firing particles are different.
  • The model has a pre-defined outer casing that does not appear in the final release, but is still in the texture sheet.

Combine Gate

Nothing of note.

Seagull Hop

Nothing of note.

Half-Life 2 Rigs

  • On the first scene, Alyx drops down from a dev-textured rail.
  • In the second scene, the 2002 antlion skin is used.