E3 Seafloor (WC)

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E3 Seafloor (WC)
Map Overview
Engine Pre-Release Source
Game Half-Life 2
Leak WC Mappack
Map Date April 6, 2003
Editor Build 2352
Map Date (NET) April 03, 2003

E3_Seafloor is a very early version of d2_coast_04 designed by Aaron Barber. If you are looking for the version located in the Seafloor folder and shown off at E3 2003, this link will redirect you.


The map features the Scout Car with a monitor displaying Eli. The gravity gun and shotgun are also present. There is a small dock with a storage building, followed by some cliffs. In the distance, there's a combine outpost and a few broken boats. If you go too far, the screen fades to black. Many of the textures, including the skybox, are missing. Throughout the coming months, it would be heavily modified.



In Game