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This is a list of tags that are in active usage. Keep in mind - when adding sub-categories, do not add their parents. They are already accounted for by being sub-categories of their parents.

Feel free to add one if you think there's a gap somewhere.



General tag, used for leak documentation articles; not involving articles relating to specific parts of leaks.

Use tags below when tagging articles about a specific part of them:

Type specifiers

  • Maps (Used for maps.)
  • Locations (Used for locations. Should not overlap with maps.)

Article Types

Quality Indicators

Tags used to indicate the quality of an article, in succeeding order. When adding a higher-tier tag, remove the one before it. L

  • Complete Articles
    • Articles that are complete, and don't have any major issues.
  • Good Articles
    • Well-made articles that do an effective job of documenting their topic, without any outstanding issues.
  • Recommended Reads
    • Articles recommended for new readers. They should be up to the same quality standards of Good Articles.