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This is a sub-page of Editor's information.


The area before the first header.

  • Bold the object in question.
  • Keep the introductory sentence short, the meat is for the overview section.


  • The Conscripts are a faction cut from Half-Life 2. A few models related to them are still present in the Leak.
  • The XM29 OICW is the effective predecessor to the OSPIR. It is still in use in the leak, and thus fully present.
  • The AR1, or as otherwise referred to, the AK-47, is an assault rifle that was cut from the final release of Half-Life 2.


  • When to put stuff in code (<code>, </code>) tags:
    • When referring to specific texture names
    • When referring to directories
    • When referring to entity names
  • When creating a texture gallery, have the caption of each refer to the original VTF's, TGA's, etc.'s name in quotations. For example:
  • The Leak is in reference to the The 2003 Leak, and should be capitalized.
  • When referring to Half-Life, make sure to specify which to help avoid confusion.
    • Also: It is Half-Life, not "Half Life".
  • When using level 4 headers, either italicize or bold them to make sure that they are not overlooked as regular text.