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This is a sub-page of Editor's information.

This guide intends to give you a starting point of how to create content for the VCC Wiki, and for mediawiki-based wikis in general.

Making Pages

Making pages is weirdly difficult. I blame the hobbyist programmers here (srsly why u do this), but regardless let's figure out how to get this done.

Here's a few ways to do it.

Via the Search Bar

This is a little slower, but a little easier.

Text Image
1.Go to the top-right. Click on the search bar, and type the name you want. (As it should look on the page itself! Case-sensitive.)
Brave 2019-12-25 21-03-42.png
2.Then, click on the faded yellow square to search.
Brave 2019-12-25 21-09-51.png
3.Now, the page should not exist. It will state, "Create the page "lorem ipsum" on this wiki!". Click on that.
Brave 2019-12-25 21-13-02.png

You are done. Continue to the next section for an introduction to the PAGE EDITOR.

Via the URL Bar

This is slightly harder, but also more simple.

Text Image
1.Go to the URL bar. Find the name of the article. This is the same as the title of the page, with some underscores.
Brave 2019-12-25 21-32-02.png

Click the images to see them fully.

2.Replace this with your title. Type it in as you'll see it on the page.
Tutsimp urlbar3.png

This should cover your article making needs. If it does not, feel free to inquire in #wiki-discussion on the VCC Discord. It can be found here:

Brave 2019-12-25 21-42-31.png

Formatting in MediaWiki

Here, I'll cover some elements that may be confusing.

Textual formatting

Why are my separate lines sticking together?

You have not put a <br> at the end of the offending lines.

You can also hit enter twice at the end for the same effect.

Will stick Won't stick

What you see:

This is a line.
Another good line.
And yet another, that agrees!

This is a line.

Another good line.

And yet another, that agrees!

This is a line.<br>
Another good line.<br>
And yet another, that agrees!<br>

What you get:

This is a line. Another good line. And yet another, that agrees!

This is a line.
Another good line.
And yet another, that agrees!


The editor supports several diffreent functions. Just select what you want to have formatting, click the desired button, and it will be added:

Brave 2019-12-25 23-18-02.png

Beyond the editor, MediaWiki has a language for formatting. This language is best understood through the documentation available:

A good listing of these tags is found here: Help:Formatting (ext. link)

Adding Images

This can be done in a few ways.

Brave 2019-12-25 21-54-13.png

1.Image tool

This is a slow way, but it has more features for image-inclusion than the others.

Text Images
1.Click on the picture frame in the editor.
Brave 2019-12-25 21-57-56.png
2.Click the "upload" at the bottom-left.
Brave 2019-12-25 22-00-31.png
3.Find the appropriate image, and upload it. Then, check the box.
Brave 2019-12-25 22-01-04.png
4.You may wish to change the name. You must add a description.
Brave 2019-12-25 22-01-37.png
5.Finally, you can change the alignment, size, and inclusion of the image.
Brave 2019-12-25 22-06-26.png


MsUpload is a useful and more efficient tool for image upload & placement, but it has fewer options, often requiring more work afterwards.

Text Images
1.Click on the blue uploading icon. Then, select an image. Brave 2019-12-25 22-11-04.png
2.Your image will appear below the "Drop files here" row. Click on "Upload this file".
Brave 2019-12-25 22-00-31.png
3.You can now include the image. It is generally best to use "Insert as image". The image will be placed where the cursor is.
Brave 2019-12-25 22-15-26.png

The resultant text may require some modification.

The image-adder previously covered can be used to apply these options, when the filename is placed in the "Filename:" space.

3.MsUpload For Galleries

MsUpload can also be used to add galleries quickly and conveniently. To do so, we will utilize the "drop files here" box previously circled.

Text Images
1.Drop the desired files into the drop files. It helps to have the files in one place to drag them all in.
Tutsimp msgallery 1.png
2.Your images will appear below the "Drop files here" row. Click on "Upload all files".
Brave 2019-12-26 12-11-50.png
3.You can now add in your gallery. Click "Insert all as gallery". Wherever your cursor currently is will have the gallery placed there.
Brave 2019-12-26 12-12-43.png

Wonder how galleries work? Continue into the section below.

Further clarification: Help:Images (ext. link)


Galleries look like this:

Inside the editor, they look like this:


Armor_concept1.jpg|Medic man (I like him) <!-- it's not -->

Medic_concept_1.jpg|Wait no it's this guy sorry


They can be added here: Brave 2019-12-25 22-28-18.png

Everything before the pipe symbol is the filename of the image. Everything after is the caption, if any.

You can add more rows to the gallery by adding another line.

Further clarification: Help:Images (ext. link)


They can be added here: Brave 2019-12-25 22-36-56.png

For specialized usage, please see: Help: Formatting (ext. link)


They can be added here, with some useful preset options: Brave 2019-12-25 22-39-07.png

For clarification and specialized usage, please see: Help:Tables (ext. link)

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