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This article is intended as a reference for creating leaked map documentation, since its repetitive nature makes it simple to standardize. Want a template for this? Go here.

Article Naming

Captialize each distinct "word" within the map name. First, place in parenthesis the originating leak. Then, place in the map name, capitalizing each "word" within. Potential map leaks:

  • WC
  • EP1/EP2
  • HL1WC


  • (WC) Ai Hallwalk


Place a sentence or two describing the direct purpose of the map, and nothing else. Bold the title of the map. I.E.:

  • Ai_Hallwalk is a testmap intended to test the ability of the AI to navigate a simple course.


Describe the map, and how it was supposed to play out.


Where this map appears. I.E.

  • \
  • \john\ai_testmaps\

Unused References

List any erroneous texture/model/sound references. If there aren't any, don't include this section.



Unused Visgroups

In subheaders, describe each unused visgroup in the map, including a picture. Again, if there aren't any, don't include this.



A minimum of three shots of various areas in the map.


At least one shot of the map in hammer, and one from the 2-D grid above.