Energy Socket (Entity)

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Energy_socket is an Half-Life 2 entity found only in 2002's sawyer\submarine map in the WC Mappack.

In sawyer\submarine

In the only WC Mappack appearance, energy_socket is hidden in style lights visgroup. That entity appears four times (like a prefab), each time (for %number% from 1 to 4) there is following structure:

  • light entity named "light_%number%" which is initially dark by using 'a' (minimal brightness) custom pattern (Initially dark spawnflag not used)
  • prop_dynamic named "light_%number%_fixture" - light source model, also used as sound source point
  • ambient_generic named "light_%number%_sound" - "electrical" (TODO: explain) sound source (ambient/objects/func_train/electric1.wav - present in leak), off by-default
  • energy_socket entity without properties, without inputs and with following outputs:
Output Target Input Parameter Comments
Attached1 light_%number%_sound PlaySound
Attached1 light_%number% SetPattern mnlnmmnlm Makes a "pulsating power source" effect
AttachedNone light_%number%_sound StopSound
AttachedNone light_%number% SetPattern a Turns light off

It seems to be some earlier implementation of plug-and-socket puzzle, but no plugs found on that map.

In leaked source code

In 2003 and 2007 source code no energy_socket mentions found.