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  • The mannequin poster uses a fair amount of reference text and images, one of which is from later in development than F-Stop, because of this only two components of the poster can be postulated to be from the F-Stop era, the mannequin artwork itself and the chart view of the mannequin in the top right. the rest is either sourced from the internet or from proper Portal 2 development.
  • There are three versions of the poster:
  • The first is shown in the preview images when buying the underground poster kit, it has some variation from the other versions[1]
  • The second is the mannequin poster itself you receive from the poster kit, which has differences to the preview[1]
  • The third is the poster showcased on the valve artists page.[2]
  • The back of the head is from Portal 2 alpha/beta development, the energy ball emitter/receptacle model render[3]
  • The mannequin art itself was released during the Portal 2 ARG.
  • The middle left text is from `how do I choose the right spark plug?` or from `Spark plug choice` , it is unclear which one the text was from originally since neither page has a date, but the power ark website seems to be the source due to its dated design and similar writing mannerisms
  • The middle left lower text is from `STEPPING MOTOR PHYSICS TUTORIALS Half Stepping and Micro Stepping`
  • The bottom left text is from a paragraph describing the dynamics of a stepping motor, although it does appear the text has been used in a variety of papers, so finding the original would be difficult
  • the two symbols in the top left are a single, mirrored and edited cylinder firing diagram for a mazda 2002 1.8L miata engine
  • the middle left is a belt diagram for a cobra terminator engine with some entries edited out
  • the battery symbol middle right is from shutter stock
  • some of the search terms for the other images are
  • The image under 1D is from some sort of wrist watch strap/lug width diagram/schematic
  • right next to is inside the 1 box is a circuit symbol for a battery, a high voltage sign (looks like its been cropped) and a crash (test) target
  • The table/graph middle right is a battery data sheet from a Panasonic battery, one specifically is a discharge characteristics graph
  • the image next to 1 and above the list of components is a circuitry diagram of a multi-speed drill circuit
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