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Throughout Portal's 2 years of development, the ending was changed quite a number of times, going from a simple escape from an abandoned facility to a battle against a floating cube of rollermines before its final rendition of a giant feminine ai supercomputer. This page aims to explain and display all the known eras, screenshots, and other such information concerning GLaDOS and the escape throughout Portal 1's development.

Prospekt Era Escape (Lab_lvl3a)

Prior to the conceptualization of the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center, the story followed an unnamed test subject through a Nova Prospekt-esque facility. The final level of this era of development, referred to as the "Prospekt Era," is found in the Portal 1 leaked mappack, titled "lab_lvl3a." This gauntlet of mini-challenges has the player going throughout the behind-the-scenes areas of the facility in order to locate 4 car batteries in order to restore the power to the facility and unlock the front door.

Todo, In order: finish lab_lvl3a "James Bond Laser"/Glados v1 Glados v2 Glados v3 (steaming refuse) glados v3 (leaked) Proto_escape/styleguide_escape_02 Final