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Oddly, the visgroup named "cliff walls older" is the one that is actually in use.

cliff_walls bad

Citadel 01 01.png

A slightly different version of the cliffs outside of the citadel.

cliff walls new

Citadel 01 02.png

Another slightly different version of the cliffs outside of the citadel.


There are no unused visgroups.


_combine monitors

Three breencast-style multilayered combine monitors.

_removed by art team

Six removed lights entities, three of them light_spots, the other three lights.


_stasis room removed

Citadel 04 01.png

This has been moved from its original position to make it clearer what this visgroup has.

A relatively simple brush-based room with no clear "stasis room" in sight.

_stasis debug spawn

Citadel 04 02.png

An advance spawn placed after the stasis room sequence, with the player having the super phys cannon.

_hidden temp lighting

Citadel 04 03.png

One light entity.


An early version of the Combine elevator. Unlike the retail, it is circular, with a thick metal cross going through it; hazard stripes adorning the edges.

_jacobs ladder trap

Citadel 04 05.png

A trap meant to dissolve combine balls being thrown into it.

_pod ride hall

Citadel 04 06.png

A cut section of the map where, well, pods ride around. An overwhelming majority (the very few that aren't are devtextured and outside of the visible areas) of the brushes are nodrawed. It appears to have been removed when the level transition was pushed back to its current position.

_combine monitors

Citadel 04 07.png

Several monitors that use a breencast-like method for monitor placement. They were replaced with singular monitors.

_old stasis

Citadel 04 08.png

An unused laser wall for the middle display and two cylinders at both ends.

_panel lightglow

Citadel 04 09.png

Two env_lightglows that are placed near white panels.

_monitor blue

Citadel 04 10.png

A single layer of func_monitor in the control room before the column room. They are part of "_combine monitors".

_strider room petal doors

Citadel 04 11.png

Two doors covering the exit from the strider room.

_perf troop reduction

Various combine soldiers removed from preexisting squads.

_03 transition

Citadel 04 13.png

An early version of the transition from d3_citadel_03. In comparison to the final, it has much simpler geometry, and is significantly less aggressively optimized.


_gunship trigger

Citadel 05 01.png

An oddly placed trigger_once that tells the gunships to activate.

_stalker point_spotlight

Citadel 05 02.png

A point_spotlight and combine light prop_static placed well outside of the map.

_gunship hall lightglows

Citadel 05 03.png

A set of five lightglows placed at the end of the "cut synth" hall.

_gunship clips

Citadel 05 04.png

Two npc clip brushes placed in the left of the three openings at the end of the hall.

_gunship hall scanners

Three scanners with nearby air nodes. Two of them are outside of the map and the third is nearly at the floor of the hall.

_gunship func_illus

Citadel 05 06.png

Three func_illusionary brushes with light textures. They seem to imply that the section of the map was rotated, since they align with the three openings at the end of the wall.

_ledge stalker

Citadel 05 07.png

A stalker, node, and light_spot. They are outside of the map.

_old 3d skybox

Citadel 05 08a.png

A skybox that is nearly twice the size of the current one. It also includes some clouds alongside the city view, though "NATURE/CLOUD001B" doesn't display.

_old gunship paths

Citadel 05 09.png

Two alternate paths for the two other gunships, coordinating with their respective openings. In retail, they simply reuse the middle gunship's path.

_04 beam

Citadel 05 11.png

An alternate env_beam entity. The HDR Color Scale is 1.0 instead of the final's 0.5.

_strider doors

Citadel 05 10.png

Doors for the strider room. Presumably, they were removed for performance.

_strider hall details

Citadel 05 12.png

Some various details in the strider hall.

_debug strider

Citadel 05 13.png

A strider in the "strider hall". It isn't clear what the debug is about.

_old field

Citadel 05 14.png

An alternate version of the "combine ball holder" at the beginning of the map. It is noticeably blockier than the final counterpart.

_field unneeded

Citadel 05 15.png

A different set of "contained" entities. An env_citadel_energy_core



A further-up playerstart, a npc_alyx within the control room, and Breen outside of the sphere, on the platform next to it.

_old lights

Four combine light models with corresponding light_spots.

_petal #3

Breen 01 05.png

A third petal to the ending encounter.

_1&2shaft elevators

Breen 01 06.png

Two shaft elevators, which switch between their current position and the path_tracks above. Oddly, two brushes outside of the playable area are also placed in this visgroup.

_3dskybox smoke volumes

Breen 01 07.png

Several scattered env_smokestacks placed around the skybox. They likely were to help add more activity to the view.

_vgui timer monitors

Three monitor panels that allowed the player to see how long he had until Breen would win.

3 glowsprites

Breen 01 09.png

Three env_sprite entities.

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