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The prison chapters don't quite manage the heights of the Coast chapters, but they aren't far off either.


_antlion templates

Prison 01 01.png

Four named npc_antlions.


Prison 01 02.png

A func_clip_vphysics covering one of the enterable Combine soldier bunkers.

name filter

Prison 01 03.png
Prison 01 03a.png

A filter_activator_name referencing an unused targetname, "tower_guard".

_bent fence

Prison 01 04.png

A fence prop, with some attached clip brushes. It clearly isn't for the current revision of the map, as it overlaps with a wall.

_props in alley

Prison 01 05.png

Three props behind a fenced-off alleyway.

_expensive pipe

Prison 01 06.png

Modifications have been made to better demonstrate what this was. An entrance to a brush-based pipe unrelated to the one the player uses to enter the map.

_expensive pipes

Three additional sets of brush-based pipes that were removed, with noticeable leftovers in the surrounding brushwork.

_second depot model

Prison 01 08.png

A second, differently-placed depot model.

_retarded brush spotlights

Prison 01 09.png

Two brush-based spotlights.

_areaportal triggers

Prison 01 10.png

Two sets of triggers referring to "areaportal_tunnels", each telling it to either open or close.


Prison 01 11.png

Some removed fences. In the present layout of the map, most of them overlap with the walls and/or floor.

_perf removed soldiers

Three different combine soldiers scattered across various tower railings.

_perf removed container

Prison 01 13.png

Two isolated dropship containers, which overlap with some similarly-placed dumpsters.

_metal panels

Prison 01 14.png

Several scattered metal panels, placed around the concrete-floored courtyard.

_excessive hints

Prison 01 15.png

A long continual line of hint brushes, ranging from the enterable combine soldier base to the lower concrete courtyard.

_perf removed windows

Three sets of removed windows, all on inaccessible towers.

_gunship vs player neutral

Prison 01 17.png

Two ai_relationship entities named "propanetank_penn_hates_me", which make the gunship neutral to players and antlions.


2 objects

Prison 02 01.png

A simple light prop, and a matching light entity.

water_lod trigger

A large set of triggers, that, despite their name, have no inputs or outputs.

12 objects

A removed set of windows with walls between that are textured differently than from the rest of the room. Behind the white light emitter brushes are same glass windows.


Prison 02 04.png

Two sets of playerclip affixed to the front and end of the tunnel that goes into the office with two dead Combine soldiers.

_crate blocklos

Prison 02 05.png

A "toolsblock_los" brush similarly positioned to the supply crate. Presumably, it was used for the headcrab nearby.

_bloated 3d skybox

Prison 02 06.png

A cut skybox, reusing the model seen previously on d2_coast_12.


wall break2

Prison 03 01.png

Several func_physboxes in the same position as the wall that the antlion guard breaks.

wall break

Prison 03 02.png

Another set of physboxes on the other wall the antlion guard breaks.

peek script

Prison 03 03.png
Prison 03 03a.png

A scripted_sequence named "showers_script_guard_1" without a target NPC that says to enter "peek_enter". A remnant from the older versions of this map where the antlion guard could peek into holes in the wall where the player could hide. It is not within the current map's boundaries.

peek trigger

Prison 03 04.png

A trigger_multiple that activates the aforementioned "showers_script_guard_1".

peek script 2

Prison 03 05n.png

The succeeding scripted_sequence to peek script's, which tells the again not-filled-out targetname to "peek_squeeze" Again, a remnant from the older versions.

depot model

Prison 03 06.png

A depot model placed outside the map, overlapping with part of the unused skybox. The unused models shown use either of these two world models - models/props_wasteland/bridge_support.mdl, or models/props_wasteland/tracksection.mdl.

5 objects

Prison 03 07.png

A set of func_physbox-based wood planks covering the doors in the shower antlion guard area.

tau soldier

Prison 03 08.png

A npc_combine_s, point_template, and ai_changehintgroup. They appear to be connected to the cut "tau cannon" sequence, presumably hiding behind the cabinets after the player breaks the glass with the tau cannon.

6 objects

Prison 03 09.png

Six light_spot entities, pointing to outside the second floor control room.

8 objects

Prison 03 10.png

Two sets of four light_spot entities. They align fairly well with the (unlit) lights present above.

1 object

Prison 03 11a.png

An unused light_environment, with much darker colors than the final counterparts.

control room light

Prison 03 12.png

A light_spot in a similar position and angle to the light_spots present in "6 objects".

scrap doors

Prison 03 13.png

A door prefab, with the surrounding geometry.


Prison 03 14.png

A dev-textured button that is placed outside the map. No entities are tied to it.

gate1 stuff

A slightly more complex button (that's actually tied to a func_button) and missing models, referring to "models/props_borealis/light_cagelight02_off.mdl".

antlion nameholder

Prison 03 16.png

An npc_antlion entity named "chaser_ant".


Prison 03 17.png

A fence that covers one side of the catwalk's railing.


A few transparent vent grates upwards from where the player is, and a nodrawed brush far further out. They overlap with the fan room in the final map.


A cut sequence. Based on speculation, the player was to rescue the Vortiguant, and have him charge the player's tau cannon in order to "break the glass". This would allow the player to access an otherwise-inaccessible guard booth, and the controls within. Entities containing lines for the vortiguant are listed below:

Entity Name Text
text_vort_died You needed that vort to charge the tau cannon!
vort_message Freeman! The gate controls are in yonder guard booth.
vort_message Stand still, and I can charge your Tau Cannon. Use the secondary fire to shoot the button through the glass!
vort_message2 Thank you, Freeman.
vort_message2 I will follow behind and stay clear of the chaos that surrounds you.
vort_message2 You may bring me your Tau cannon, and I will recharge it for you.

This sequence (or something very similar to it) is mentioned in an interview[1]:

In the original HL2 there's a dead Vortigaunt in the prison who looks like he's been tortured to death. Well, in late HL2 development, he was alive. He was just sitting in his cell: you would let him out and he'd start running around fighting antlions with you. Everyone thought it was really cool, but it was too late to bite off all that work; making him an ally, making him play the game alongside you. We bookmarked it as something we should be doing, as we will in Episode Two. We always thought the Vort would be a fruitful character to develop.


Two func_physboxes that serve as covers for the vents. Oddly, they are much wider than the actual vents are.


Prison 03 21.png
Prison 03 21a.png

A point_template named "guard_spawner". Oddly, it has no entities it is set to spawn.

_3d skybox

Prison 03 22.png

Another unused skybox. Largely identical to d2_prison_02's.


Four physics crates, varying in size. Two of them appear in pre-release screenshots of the map.


_suppression train

A set of entities meant to allow the nearby Combine emplacement to provide suppressing fire towards the player's initial position.

_tube lights in cells

Prison 04 02.png

Several scattered brush-based tube lights, placed occasionally in various cells.

_func_tank shield

Prison 04 03.png

A Combine shield that protects the emplacement from being accessed.

_old func_tank

Prison 04 04.png

An alternate version of the Combine emplacement gun. Some notable details include a additional muzzleflash entity, and the use of the OSIPR worldmodel instead of the dedicated "emplacement" model.

_train camera scene

Prison 04 05.png

A leftover of a cut scene. What remains largely consists of a few (unmoving) train props, some path_track entities, a prison with two depots, and the surrounding composite prison prop.

_obsolete monitor button

Prison 04 06.png
Prison 04 06a.png

A simple button entity. There are two notable aspects of it - first, the front of it uses the cut "PROPS/DOORBUTTON001a". Second, among its inputs are several removed entities.

_monitor lightglow

Prison 04 07.png

A light blue env_lightglow. It is strangely placed considering the position of the monitor.


There are a few odd leftovers from e3_bugbait, but otherwise there isn't much to note.

cloud layer skybox

Prison 04 08.png

A sky_camera and brush textured with "NATURE/CLOUD001B". They don't align with the current position of the skybox.


Prison 04 09.png

Eight sets of brush-based columns. They only differ from the later columns in that regard.


Prison 05 01.png

Several entities, including a Combine wall prop.


Prison 05 03.png

Two chargers.


Prison 05 04.png

Three combine soldiers each named "cafe_setup_soldier", with an associated ai_relationship and point_template.


Prison 05 05.png

An unused point_bugbait.


Prison 05 06.png
Prison 05 06a.png

An ambient_generic. It references the sound "e3_bugbait.combat_music1".


A sequence where an antlion breaks open the window, and falls through. "disabled_window" is associated with this visgroup.

_second depot

Prison 05 08.png

Another depot brush, similarly placed to the others.

_old pillars

Prison 05 09.png

A very slightly different version of the pillar brushes in the laundry room.

_chute headcrab

Several entities for a cut sequence where a headcrab falls from a vent into a bin.


Prison 05 11.png

One displacement and an info_overlay.


Prison 05 12.png
Prison 05 12a.png

A logic_auto that toggles six removed entities named variations of "laundry_rail_train_#".


Prison 05 13.png
Prison 05 13a.png

A math_counter that mentions the a cut entity named "defense_3_spawner".

_stair frames

Prison 05 14.png

Alternate frame brushes for 3 sets of stairs in the laundry room. They use the texture "plaster/plasterwall034a", instead of "metal/metalstair003a".


Prison 05 15.png
Prison 05 15a.png

A neon blue light_spot that is pointed through a window.


A removed vent structure, some miscellaneous lights, and a combine soldier used in one of the cafe's squads.

_wall ambient

Prison 05 17.png
Prison 05 17a.png

An ambient_generic. The sound it uses references e3_c17_02.

_obsolete concrete models

Prison 05 18.png

Three invalid concrete models. They all refer to "models/props_debris/concrete_chunk02c.mdl".

_cafe low walls

Prison 05 19.png

Two "low" walls placed between the gaps of two columns.

_old fire igniter

Prison 05 20.png

An explosive func_breakable that triggers the nearby fire entities.

_guard attack trigger

Prison 05 21.png

A trigger that activates a nearby aiscripted_schedule.


This map uses a strange mishmash of two different "HIDDEN" parent visgroups, and still has a few that are in neither. Some leftovers imply that it used to have parts of what became d2_prison_07 as well.


A removed section of the map with two stairwells and various incomplete rooms. It conflicts heavily with the final map's layout.


A partially-complete bit of map layout encased in a box. It overlaps with one of the camera rooms.


A brush-based arch. While the lowest sections of it overlap with the ceiling, the rest ends up outside the map.


Prison 06 04.png

Several hintbrushes in the visible "citadel" area.

_broken window straight

Prison 06 05.png

A non-rotated version of the nearby broken window. Curiously, the frame uses metal/metalwall087a as opposed to metal/metalwall062a.

_debug alyx

A developer-textured box with Alyx, a camera, and several other entities.


Moved from original position

A simplistic func_tracktrain that seems to have served as a placeholder for the later elevator. All faces are nodrawed except for the floor, which uses a dev texture.


Prison 06 08.png

A ladder. It doesn't seem to be placed near any ducts.


Prison 06 09.png

A large, partially jagged displacement. It is placed much higher than the remaining "debris" is.


Two sets of logic_choreographed_scene entities, one with two game_text entities:

  • There's a turret around the corner up ahead.
  • You can try to knock it over with a grenade if you have any left.


A doorway that leads to nowhere. Its entrance is directly behind where a vending machine and recycle bin is in the final.


Two func_physbox vent covers.

_wall terrain

Prison 06 14.png

A displacement-based "destroyed" wall, which is more open than the final counterpart.


Prison 06 15.png

Two ai_relationships which tell Alyx to hate an unspecified target.


Prison 06 16.png

A displacement near an env_fire entity.


Prison 06 17.png
Prison 06 17a.png

Trigger that tells Alyx to stop moving forward, and follow the player.


Prison 06 18.png

A phys_lengthconstraint. It was presumably removed to fix a bug with the nearby rope.

1 object

Prison 06 19.png

A concrete wedge. It was likely replaced by the more visually interesting half-collapsed wall.


unused model struts

Prison 07 01.png

Some slightly different struts on the strutted walls.

wood door planks

Prison 07 02.png

Some wooden plank props placed on the door leading to the maintenance area.

second turret debug

Prison 07 03.png

Six different ai_relationships telling "turret_buddy" to hate Combine soldiers, manhacks, and like Alyx and the player.

unused landing

Prison 07 04.png

A, as you may have guessed, unused landing placed in the largest maintenance room. It has its own ladder for getting up on to it.

_turret battle railings

Two sets of railings on the platforms leading to the stairwells outside the first "defense" room.


Prison 07 06.png

Two pipe props in the damaged stairwell.


1 object

Prison 08 01.png

A trigger_once that activates "logic_enable_behind_field".

hidden for artpass

Prison 08 02.png

A single func_areaportal that is open by default. It has no inputs or outputs.


Prison 08 03.png

Two light_spots in Mossman's room.

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