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V iceaxe.png
Viewmodel front
Viewmodel side
W iceaxe.png
Basic Information
Name Ice Axe
Faction Ambiguous
Origin Human
Technical Specifications
Fire Rate
  • 0.25 (First firing mode)
  • 0.4 (Second firing mode; same as crowbar)
  • 10 (Both firing modes)
Fire Mode Full-auto; switching between two different firing rates
Technical Specifications (Altfire)
Game Information
View Model v_iceaxe.mdl
World Model w_iceaxe.mdl
Weapon Entity(s) weapon_iceaxe

The Ice Axe is a weapon available in the Half-Life 2 Leak. It was removed prior to release of the retail version of the game.


The Ice Axe is a melee weapon with attributes similar to the crowbar. It has a primary and secondary attack, consisting of quick swings, and a larger swing. Both hits do the same amount of damage, however the larger swing may have been intended to do more damage at a slower rate.

The iceaxe deals the same amount of damage as the crowbar and stunstick, however it has greater attack range and a faster speed, making it one of the most effective melee weapons in the game.

Missing Texture

A VMT pointing to the file "Handleview" exists in the texture directory but no VTF is available. The name  suggests a viewplane projected texture may have existed for the model at some stage, much like other view-projected texture mapped weapons in the game.