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I forgot to make this a lot earlier. Here's everything I know about importing images.

Which Pages

Find them here.

Where do I get the images

I've uploaded them here, (beware, 1.3 gigs).

You may need to separately import some images (ie textures), as I often upload images straight from a VTF-to-PNG dump I have on hand.

How do

There are two big ways to not one-by-one upload.

1. Semi-Manual

In search of a solution to the "how do we upload all these images", the first extension added was MsUpload. While it is very useful, it suffers from a somewhat buggy implementation. There are two drawbacks:

  • Only 20 (or 25?) images can be drag-uploaded at once. The rest fail.
  • Can randomly lose the "Upload all files" button after uploading a set of images, which can only be fixed by reloading the page.

Despite this, it's a useful tool for uploading smaller batches (such as when creating new pages), and the disadvantages are harder to see in this usage.

2. More automated

Find this here The other solution is with SimpleBatchUpload, which works better, but is on its own page.

It's better at large uploads (not of ridiculous size), and for importing.

It also isn't perfect, since dumping the contents of Half-Life 2 - Unused Visgroups into it caused it to frequently fail.