Marc/ickypop (WC)

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Marc/ickypop (WC)
The ichy.PNG
Engine Pre-Release Source
Game Half-Life 2
Leak WC Mappack
Usage February 24, 2003
Editor Build 2311
Map Date (NET) February 21, 2003

A map where a group of zombies dramatically succumb to an aquatic assailant.


The player spawns on a raft floating in a small lake with a pair of binoculars. A suspenseful musical loop begins playing as soon as the player spawns. Ahead of the player lies a dock with a couple of zombies on it. An ichthyosaur swims over to the dock, jumps out of the water, and tears the dock apart. The music quickly changes to a horror stinger loop. After encircling its prey, the beast emerges from the water and takes to the sky, defecating as it flies away. The creature then begins to descend on a crash-course into a nearby hill, where it collides with a cliff face. An orange smokestack forms from the crash site, and G-Man, carried by a crow, ominously floats overhead.