Marc/nether 01 (WC)

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Marc/nether 01 (WC)
Nether chasm.PNG
Engine Pre-Release Source
Game Half-Life 2
Leak WC Mappack
Usage June 21, 2002
Editor Build 2062
Map Date (NET) June 17, 2002

Gordon goes on a subterranean adventure.


The player spawns in a large sewer. Armed with only a stunstick, the player crosses the sewer and reaches a lone citizen whistling in a locked-off room. The citizen (known as Joe) recognizes the player and warns them to get away. A dramatic stinger loop begins to play as a manhack bursts into the room and chases the citizen away. Manhacks begin to break into the area where the player is, exposing a new pathway. The player fights off manhacks as they crawl through a large sewer pipe, ending up in a large chasm. As the player enters the chasm, a stalker uses its laser to cut down a large pipe from in front of the player. The player must climb through the chasm while fending off manhacks and dodging stalker beams. The map ends in a room where the player turns a lever, closing a pipe behind them and opening a pathway to a ladder.

Functional Notes

This map heavily uses multi_manager and trigger_relay entities along with the old goldSRC i/o system. Extensive map logic rework is required to make the map function correctly both in the leak and retail HL2.

Missing Models

  • models/c17_male2.mdl

Missing Textures





Fixed version of nether_01 by Витой