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Along with numerous assets from many different periods during its development, including textures, models, and sounds, Portal's repository of map files were released during the Facepunch leaks. Included within this Portal mappack were a folder for the retail-era maps from 2007, as well as many of the same maps in their earlier development renditions circa 2006. These pages aim to showcase the unused Visgroups for the levels that wound up being used in the final game. These will not go over unreleased/unused/test maps unless the maps in question were direct descendants of final levels. For example, maps like devtest, art_testroom, and lab_lvl3a did not become used maps in the final game. portaldemo_barcelona or gdc_portal_demo will also not be featured, as they are simply showcase levels and not parts of their original versions. Examples of maps that may be featured in this include styleguide_escape_02 or proto_escape, which were both earlier versions of 2007's escape_02.

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Levels from the 2006 folder.
Levels from the Retail folder.
Other portal.png
Levels from other leaks (such as proto_escape.)