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Dhabih Eng around 23-28/7/2000 evidenced by Siggraph content (

This era is characterised by the influence of Dhabih Eng's concept art

  • Kids in factories
  • o Captain Vance
  • Conscripts
  •  Younger alyx
  •  distinguishable clothing
  • - Something about hl1 styled xen enemies
  • o Gargantua train sequence mentioned in a vignette in rtb, with the train ride being much longer
  • o Slightly updated bullsquid, higher res than hl1 but still cartoony
  • - Manhack arcade
  • - Lab teleport introduced
  • o Originally fails to go to kraken base
  • - Quarry town with monk, traps and mines
  • o Went into scurry mine field then encountered some antlions
  • o Next place is a safe camp run by Captain Vance or eli
  • o First proper player drivable vehicle, digger, earlier was manhack and rocket
  • o Vehicles where designed to be small segments, changed later for more engagement

  • - Eli Maxwell Scrapyard tbot
  • o Concept art for tbot has the right proportions and features but different details to the textures and known model components
  • o Era started with tbot design
  • o Scrapland vignette seems related to some inspiration from forbidden planet
  •  Dusty glass grill
  •  Extending legs
  •  New posture Looks like a beetle sitting down

  • o Early Physics manipulator design (beam physgun)
  • - Antlion caves
  • o Much larger open spaces after eli den, planned to be even larger than the Antlion caves introduced with grub extract
  • o Antlion grubs were partially used but never fully as their purpose was still being figured out, left until episode 2 to be refined
  • - Wasteland
  • o Catch train, after a bit need to move on foot for some reason
  • - Depot
  • o Originally a prison
  • o Gunship construction
  • o Catch train to air ex
  • o Antlions attack with you but against you too
  • - Citadel incinerator
  • - Trench coat metro cop older icon stunstick

  • - Cremators
  • - Early physics implementation (ipion virtual physics still used)
  • o brickbat
  • o Physics manipulator considered as an ingame weapon


make some sub pages for the different sub-changes in this era because there's alot

major changes from the previous era

the 3 different alien race ideas are now not separate

  • Troops from the 2 main alien like races are featured together, some are fused designs others are not
  • the idea of gman's race having a city with a citadel is merged into the main setting
  • Slightly cartoonish like early tf2 style but dark, with Characters having slightly strange proportions
  • Synths styled to have glowing exposed components


Borealis moved to later in plot (not in arctic to begin with, no sack ticks)

Computer Chips plot element in spire/weather control

  • Weather controlling related?
  • Allowing use of combine weaponry? (this is Specifically alluded to in audio from skyscraper between combine units)
  • if the above what they were for, it might have been explained at the start of the game in relation to the physics manipulator


the Scanner designed for this era is only in concept art and sounds

Man hack from this era only has textures and sounds

Particle storm

  • Only limited particle system remains
  • Sounds for forming, dissipating, hovering and lightning strikes
  • A node for “particle storm rock spawn”, possibilities include
  •  Something for it to grab and throw
  •  Something that is a consequence of it attacking, allowing you to attack it
  •  Something for it to protect and for you to attack
  •  Something for it to spawn from
  • If not a proper enemy it is Possibly a method to keep the player within the playable area, like leeches or piranhas in the ocean, somewhat similar to the guardians in halo multiplayer maps

antlion guard

small changes prior to this era

  • Plane changed to helicopter? Or vice versa (voice files and outline in rtb: uncorrected proof)

Two Different consul designs

  • More cartoony
  • - Two different consul confrontations
  • o Kidnapped alyx
  • o Semi-immortal tormented machine
  • - Maybe Kleiner/Eli
  • - Tile semi-organic metal citadel vs laser weapon on top in vignette and concept art
  • o Bus ride
  • - Skitch added in later half
  • - City 17 full of sky scrapers
  • o Plane crashes into one of them in Vertigo map, alyx captured, escape to other roof tops that have stalkers on them
  • - Citadel positioning in relation to manhack arcade
  • - air exchange
  • o polluter
  • o atmosphere portal dam
  • - New Tripod hopper?
  • - Vertigo art deco museum then palace

small changes after this era

Two Different consul designs

  • Consul Patrick Stewart star trek inspiration
  • - Vignette tbot description vs concept art
  • - Skitch added in later half
  • - City 17 barely any sky scrapers
  • - air exchange
  • o polluter
  • o atmosphere portal dam
  • - Antlion caves merged with quarry cave part of raven holm as victory mine
  • - Player drivable Vehicle added to Wasteland traversal
  • - Wasteland cut down to coast
  • - Slow drift from cartoon esque to realistic with same maps/plot
  • - ??/11/2001 chargeable gravity gun present (vtmb started development with source, never updated engine version [1])


  • - Sand Barnacle? texture is more realistic than this era

Real world antlions inspired 3 things

  • The name of the hl2 antlions, a minor ability to be hidden under the ground
  • Helped inspire the sacktick
  • Behaviour might have inspired the sand barnacle

The sand barnacle: (speculation based on engine features and mechanical analysis of antlions that theres no way the devs didn't do)

trapping method Hiding method Attack method Corpse removal method
Slippery sand funnel using an animated displacement activated with player or enemy moving close Mostly buried in sand Melee attacks by wriggling body when close Re-burry self with body?
  • Real antlions also throw sand at their victims to make them fall quicker

Normal barnacle:

trapping method Hiding method Attack method Corpse removal method
dangling Sticky tongue Attach to ceiling Melee attacks with mouth when close Move ragdoll into ceiling

key dates

  • 11/10/2000 stalker sounds
  • 17/10/2000 all headcrab bite sounds
  • 23/10/2000 binocular signal sounds
  • 28/10/2000 alyx voice lines and after hurt
  • 29/10/2000 much more sounds for flying apc turret


  • enemy soldiers after crash (helicopter) into sky scraper
  • ricochet release date
  •  idea for city logo from platform designs
  •  possible reuse of content from tf2 development
  • • heads from realistic tf2
  • • armour is similar to space romans
  •  slight possibility of late development aleph character model
  • 8/11/2000 new bullsquid sounds
  • 14/11/2000 first mention of town, phys town zombie town trap town
  • 15/11/2000 to 14/12/2000 manhack sounds
  • 17/11/2000 to 22/11/2000 ice axe sound
  • -
  • - 8/01/2001 first manhack test room
  • - 12/01/2001 to 16/01/2001 vortigaunt voice
  • - 23/01/2001 vort test map
  • - 9/03/2001 first wasteland scanner sound
  • - 27/03/2001 alien assassin ball sounds for tripwire
  • - 30/03/2001 gunship sounds
  • - 30/05/2001 to 6/11/2001 roller and roller bull sounds
  • - 6/09/2001 roller mine sounds
  • - 21/09/2001 to 26/09/2001 Particle storm sounds
  • - ??/11/2001 vampire: the masquerade -bloodlines starts development
  • o barely updated the sdk once downloaded, forced into crunch so no time to deal with changes in how source worked
  • o Old console variables for charged gravity gun
  •  Sounds for this still exist
  • - 3/01/2002 crow sounds
  • o Used sack tick model while being programmed
  • - 4/01/2002 hammer 3.4
  • o Proto_sniper code still refers to program as worldcraft, this is the date the name changed
  • - 4/02/2002 first e3 sounds
  • - 13/02/2002 visual studio 7 (version before was the last version to use dsp, v6) beta 2001
  • o Still Had Ipion physics
  • o Ice axe
  • o Combine
  • o Flare gun
  • o Sack tick
  • o Brick bat, no gravity gun
  • o Conscript
  • o Only wasteland scanner
  • o Normal zombie only?
  • o Owen/odell

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