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  •  New City?
  •  Old City?

get hospital prop textures

Key dates and info

1999 Early engine beginnings textures were tga only, inbetween wad and vmt, using quake 2 code (in the leak)

  • /utils/vview/gl_model.h
  • /engine/gl_model_private.h

31/5/1999 first hyper mention? (from sound file dates)

before or on 29/6/1999 tf2 boa borealis screenshots

9/07/1999 proffessional hl sdk sent to modders

  • Contains references to new vmf file type

11/11/1999 to 18/11/1999 dynamic dialogue odell, player interruptions(

  • Stealth suit Gordon mention? Somehow assures that you are part of the resistance