The 2022/23 Gigaleak

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The 2022/23 Gigaleak, also known as "The Valve Repository leak," the "Valve Gigaleak," or the "Garjulio leaks" was a series of leaks ranging from December of 2022 through January of 2023. This leak comprised of entire pieces of Valve's external Dev repository given to people who buy a Source Engine license.


Half-Life 2
A lot of little differences. What a tease.
Team Fortress 2
New/beta versions of maps, gamemodes, hats, materials, weapons, animations, and assorted models, arguably the most complete of the leaks.
Other Games
Half-Life 2 Episodes, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and Half-Life: Source

Origins of the Leak

(this is just a stub, you may add onto it) While it is still unknown who the source leaker was, it is known that the leaker got their content through working with a team that had repo access. While purely speculative, it can be assumed a rift formed causing the source to break off and release things in small drips. After passing its way through several people, the full and complete compilation of all of the hand-me-out repositories was released to the public. The kitty.mdl was out of the bag.

Timeline of Leaks

12/6/22- eymane releases the “old statue” model. While the model appeared to be just a gag model, people were quick to notice that the model’s head is the old head model for the Monk/Father Grigori. Included was a screenshot showing the facemap for the actual head, albeit, scribbled over.

12/21/22- The infamous cat model, and its .qcx file is released. The cat was finally out of the bag, finally confirming that the screenshots from years ago were legitimate.

12/22/22- The textures for Les Betterley's unused dumpster model are released.

12/23/22- The infamous HL1 fly model is released.

12/24/22- “Old_Friends” is released by eymane. In it is the source textures to the AR2, the .smd reference and textures to the cut FemAssassin, the E3 2004 Citizen and his textures, the “fat” physgun model and its texture, the Juvenile Advisor and its textures, the original physcannon’s texture, and most importantly, the Bay Monk/Father Grigori. In addition, the loose files released on this day include the beta model for the can props, the cut Garloid enemy from Episode 2, the HL1 Gman sources (including a cut death animation), the globe texture sources, and the old barnacle. In addition, the leaker’s pen name is revealed to be “Garjulio.”

12/29/22 - The texture sources to the HL1 skull model, es_crash.bsp from CS:S, and other HL1 textures are released. Included in the HL1 textures were some old Xen textures, an original HEV suit texture, and the female scientist textures. Also included was a video showing an animation for the HL1 APC.

12/30/22 - Cut TF2 assets are shown/released. Shown are the infamous Female Soldier model, cut Blimp enemy and a screenshot from the precursor to MvM, Raid. In addition, more HL1 related files come out including an interesting find related to the Nihilanth’s death animation and the texture sources to the HL1 shotgun and Gluon Gun.

12/31/22 - A copy of the HL2 repo is released. Inside are model sources and texture sources (but no PSDs), no map sources are found however.

01/01/23 - An updated copy of the HL2 repo is released. More of the loose files were found in addition to anything from the release the day prior.

01/03/23 - EpicPlayer releases the Mecha-Level 4 Sentry Gun and the FemSoldier models.

01/04/23 - The HL2 repo release is updated to include weaponsources.

01/05/23 - eymane releases maps designed for Counter-Strike: Source. Included are some indev files and zombie_city.bsp, believed to be the earliest known version of Left 4 Dead's No Mercy.

01/06/23 - eymane releases the HL1/HL:Source repo. Included are high-res versions of a lot of HL1's assets.

01/07/23 - eymane releases the original corpse.mdl.

01/11/23 - A random Portal 1 texture is released. In addition, the Valve Gigaleak occurs. Released initially were TF2's map sources, containing a wide variety of early maps, maps for training mode, maps for Raid, and maps that were used for box art even. A mystery man, "Leakerwanderer," releases backups of the repos for the HL2 Episodes, Portal 1, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, HL2 Deathmatch, a fixed version of HL2's repo with more missing assets, and the rest of TF2. Some textures are, unfortunately, corrupted in the episodic repo, such as Barney's head.

01/13/23 - A user releases the PSD to the Portal 1 test chamber signs.

After the original releases on 01/11 and throughout the duration of the leak, various users would recreate some of the assets found in them, such as functioning versions of zombie_city.bsp, the missing TF2 props, and locatesome community-made TF2 assets as well.