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These cover the basic implementation of templates, in both the Visual and older Source editor. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Visual Editor

Veditor s1.png
Step 1: Go to the "insert" drop-down tab.

Step 2: Select either Infobox or Template, depending on what you need.

Veditor s2.png
Step 3: Select the template you want to use. It should now be on the page.

Source Editor

Seditor s11.png
Step 1: Copy the "Usage" section in the middle row.
Seditor s2.png
Step 2: Paste it in your page, and fill it out as reasonable. Conditions not filled out will usually not display.


A list of actively-used infoboxes. Since they typically have large documentation sections, links to their documentation pages are included instead.

Template Name Usage Info
{{Leak Patch infobox}} See: Template:Leak_Patch_infobox An infobox for patches for the Leak.
{{MapInfoBox}} See Template:MapInfoBox An infobox for articles documenting map files, typically .vmf.
{{Mod InfoBox}} See: Template:Mod InfoBox An infobox for fan-made mods.
{{Weapon infobox}} See:Template:Weapon infobox An infobox intended for weapons.
{{Vehicle Template}} See: Template:Vehicle Template An infobox for vehicles.
{{Cut Enemies}} See: Template:Cut Enemies An infobox meant to document cut NPCs. Preferably enemies, but not limited to it.

Misc Templates

Template Name Usage Info
Place it anywhere on the page to have the table of contents align to the right.
directly over the incorrectly-formatted element.
Cleans up annoying text wrapping.
|<!-- Header level to limit to -->
Limits the levels of headers allowed to appear on the TOC to a certain amount.
|(Used to check if it is in the first mode, put whatever)
|Name=(Link to subpage)
|text=(Describe subpage)
|image=(Optional; image about subpage)
|width=(Size of subpage box)
Creates a TCRF-esque subpage box. If it is used alone, it just puts:

This is a sub-page of Editor's information.

|title=''[[Half-Life 2]]'' story arc journey
|before=[[Black Mesa East]]
|after=[[Shorepoint Base]]
A navigation tool for multi-page articles, which links to the pages before and after the current.
|editor_build= <!-- Put editor build here -->
A template that automatically calculates the NET date from a stated editor build.
| Trim
A template that trims whitespace. Not much else.