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The canals are off to a slow start with the first few maps, but they make up for it later on.


Nothing significant.


Nothing significant.


There are no user-defined visgroups.


Nothing significant.


After a significant period of trimmed maps, d1_canals_05 resumes the habit of leaving random bits behind, now conveniently placed into one group.


Canals 07 01.png

Four panels floating in the air. They likely were template brushes used while constructing the shantytown below.

_headcrabbing 1

Canals 05 02.png

A cut sequence involved in the shelling of this area.

_canister sound targets

Canals 05 03.png

Several info_target entities scattared across the refugee camp.

_button hudhint

Canals 05 04.png

An env_hudhint entity. It tells the player about a "MomentaryButton".

Ammo AI post idle

Canals 05 05.png

An additional logic_choreographed_scene entity.


  • The unused visgroups are all subgroups of "unused".


_unrotated model pipes

CANALS 06 01.png

An unrotated version of the nearby model pipe.

_second zombie cave

CANALS 06 02.png

An entire cut section of the map. Unlike the name implies, however, it does not feature any zombies to fight. Considering the size of its entrance and the compatibility with the nearby player-travellable pipe, this was most likely the way that the cave would be accessed.


Canals 06 03.png

A brush-based version of the previously-mentioned model pipe.

_Tunnel Occluders

Canals 06 04.png

Several occluders.


  • The unused visgroups are all subgroups of "Unused".
  • There is no "first zombie cave" visgroup mentioned.


_old blockade door

Canals 07 ohone.png

An unused prop_door_rotating, which was replaced by another. The differences between the two is that the unused version has the targetname "door_room5_blockade", alongside a few inputs, while the final has neither of those.

_dropship cop standoff

Canals 07 02.png
Canals 07 02a.png

A ai_goal_standoff entity.


Canals 07 03.png

A cut sequence, involving a table set against the door. Judging by the surroundings, the player was to throw a grenade in in order to detonate the explosive barrel and move the table away from the door.

_gate stairs

Canals 07 04.png

Several nodes, and a set of stairs. Possibly unused because that set of stairs appears reachable by the player, while it is supposed to be merely a part of the scenery.

_old transition

Canals 07 05.png

An early version of the transition from d1_canals_07 to d1_canals_08. Among the differences are a set of brush-based "speed bumps", a overall lower height, and an earlier placement of the level transition trigger.

_Old manhack script

Canals 07 06.png

Four scripted_sequence entities. They were used to play the "wake up" animation of the manhacks, while in the final version they do this unassisted.

_shoot shelf seq

Canals 07 07.png

Another cut sequence, this time involving the shelves affixed fairly high up on the walls.

_01a tank

Canals 07 08.png

A slightly different version of the emplacement metrocop.


Canals 07 09.png

A fire field. The difference between the final version comes in on how it is done - in this version, it is with several env_fire entities. In the final version, it is done with an info_particle_system and several info_targets.


  • This map partially breaks from the habit of placing every unused visgroup within a single visgroup, with the last three being outside of it.


_water debris

Canals 08 01.png

Several brush-based barges and miscellaneous debris props. The barges reference a missing texture present in the Leak - metalhull003b.

Similar barges also appear in the Leak's d1_canals_end, and were likely copied from that map.

_large pier

Canals 08 02.png

A larger version of the final pier, with numerous overlapping elements.

_debug ents

Canals 08 03.png

An "advance spawn" for the player, presumably for testing purposes.

_warehouse details

Canals 08 04.png

A hoisted-up stairwell.


Canals 08 05.png

A barge identical to the ones appearing in "_water debris", but alone.

_far pier cop

Canals 08 06.png

A sequence where a metrocop goes to the nearby dock. A fair amount of overlapping brushwork is included.

_extra nodes

Canals 08 07.png

Five unused nodes.

_lambda cache fences

Canals 08 08.png

Six fences, with occasional debris, placed above the playable area.


  • This map resumes the habit of keeping all of the unused visgroups as subgroups of one visgroup, with eight being contained in total.


_09-10 trans

Canals 09 01.png

An early version of the transition between d1_canals_09 and d1_canals_10. It is exclusively brush-based, with the sludge ending shortly after the entrance.

_1 object

Canals 09 02.png

The arch used by 09-10 trans.


Canals 09 03.png

Four sets of three lightpoles atop a bridge the player passes by.


Canals 09 04.png

A func_vehicleclip placed on the wall. Despite this being hidden, there is one on the adjacent wall that was not removed.


  • This is the first map in the d1_canals series to completely lack a parent visgroup solely for removed visgroups.


_old transition

CANALS 10 2.png

An early and far less detailed transition from d1_canals_10 to d1_canals_11. In addition to other differences, it lacks the "destroyed pipe" section, and is much smaller. Some bridge models are also included, seemingly by accident.

_old mega jump poles

Four models that were replaced by other props. They do not appear correctly, as they refer to a since-removed prop: "dock_bumper01d.mdl".


  • d1_canals_10 has the smallest number of "Unused"-grouped visgroups, clocking in at only two.


_old exit tunnel

Canals 11 01.png

An early version of the transition tunnel to d1_canals_12. Unlike with the others, the player never enters it as the level transition takes place before it is entered.

_exit tunnel railings

A large number of railings on the exit tunnel. The final two towards the exit are kept, however.

_breakable piers

Two brush-based piers that are able to be broken. Strangely, the supports reference "MODELS/PROPS_DOCKS/DOCK01A" as their texture, which fails to display.

_breakable bridge

Canals 11 04.png

An alternate, breakable bridge over the exit tunnel. Some additional explosive barrels are included as well.

_gun cave template

A point_template entity to spawn in several NPCs, and the trigger to activate said point_template.

_old cave pipes

Canals 11 06.png

An earlier version of the tunnel's geometry, which differs in some ways including positioning.

_exit perf pass

A visgroup containing several props, assault-related entities, and metropolice.

_ambush perf pass

Again, contains several props, and a few metropolice alongside their assault entities.

_old zombie

Canals 11 09.png

A slightly different version of the zombie encounter early on in the level. It overlaps with another version, and uses the same zombie as it.


_apc drop

Canals 12 01.png

An elevated, brush-based platform.

_canal pipe

Canals 12 02.png

A pipe with a few embedded cubemaps. Curiously, a longer version of this pipe appears in two pre-release screenshots.

_extra tires

Canals 12 03.png

Three tires, in addition to the ones already present.

_old 12 trig

Canals 12 04.png

An old level transition trigger. The final one is slightly later, to the left.


_dam jump/wreck

Canals 13 01.png

A large trigger that dismounts the player from the airboat.

_old light fixtures

Canals 13 02.png

Several light fixtures. All but one use the nonexistent model "models/props_c17/lamp_standard_on01.mdl", and separate light_spots.

_12 trans

Canals 13 03.png

An early version of the transition to 12, with only slight differences between it and the final version.

_old 12 trig

Canals 13 04.png

A trigger that goes back to d1_canals_12. Identical to _12 trans's version.

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