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Model bot_male/bot_fem
Texture materials/models/bot_male and materials/models/shorts/bot_fem (modified)
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The Mannequins were a cut group of NPCs, later enemies, to have appeared in Portal 2's in-development game, F-Stop.


Little is known about the Aperture Science Mannequins. It is known that they were not present in the original Directed Design Experiment. It is also known that they would have been allies or neutral machines in the earlier portions of the game before becoming "corrupted" and becoming dangerous in later tests. The methods upon which they would assist, interact with, or hinder the player, however, are largely unknown.


Mannequins would have been seen all throughout Aperture Science in F-Stop, appearing both in test chambers, as well as in the office sections of the facility. Many references to their various uses and tasks are found in the "Old Aperture" sections of Portal 2 through various posters, including the "Robots don't sleep" poster and the infamous "Karla the Complainer" poster. In terms of known gameplay mechanics, the following can be said about Mannequins:

  • Mannequins could either lose body parts or be found with body parts missing. Lost body parts, including heads, did not stop them.
  • Mannequins could be corrupted at times. It is unknown if this was dynamic or simply a state that they would be found in.
  • Mannequins could be spawned into areas through the use of an "android dispenser" or "mannequin spawner" found in some levels.
  • Mannequins were capable of using specific objects. This is shown through a scene of a Mannequin picking up and attempting to use an early Portal Device. It is unknown if this mechanic carried over to gameplay or was only used in cutscenes.
  • Mannequins could be harmed, and would react to being damaged.

The following are not confirmed, but are theorized mechanics with some evidence behind each of them:

  • Mannequins could interact with the world and objects in it. This may have been shown in the first level where a female mannequin may have unlocked the pedestal containing the camera.
  • Mannequins may have been used as bait against the Giant Chicken. Evidence for this is the fact that it is known a Mannequin Spawner would have been seen in the same level as the Giant Chicken.
  • Mannequins may have been destructible by the player. Evidence for this is the fact that mannequins were known to have different levels of damage to their bodies and had pain sounds.
  • Mannequins may have attacked the player with melee attacks like zombies when corrupted. The evidence to this is the fact that a soundscript file named "Npc_sounds_zombie_Aperture" is found in Portal 2, as well as a particle system named "Zombie.pcf," however these are not confirmed to be the mannequins.

Leftovers and Evidence

Although the enemies themselves are long gone by Portal 2, there is still a large amount of evidence to their existence. For starters, the male mannequin model was reused as the turret firing range dummy. When viewed in hlmv, there are references to missing animation models for this dummy, including gestures and postures. The "fembot" version's textures were found in the 2 gigabyte Source Filmmaker Internal Beta leak, having been modified slightly and used as a placeholder in the Team Fortress 2 short "Expiration Date." Many pieces of release media for the game's development also include the mannequins. One of the Portal 2's in-development Xbox 360 covers included a Mannequin head. A render of a high poly rendition of the fembot exists, as well. In Portal 2, a soundscript exists in the scripts folder named "Npc_sounds_mannequin.txt," as well as "Npc_sounds_android.txt."


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