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- late 2001-early 2002... whenever the e3 2002 demo was shown to gabe and he was lukewarm on it


to focus on the circular theme and the citadel as a landmark, the sky scrapers that City 17 held as a focus in the start of this era are less prominent compared to average height buildings.

around this part of the era, the aesthetic started to slowly drift from the cartoon esque to realistic, but with the same maps/designs

D0g proper?

Wasteland cut down to coast (<-- this might be better in pre-retail)

Antlion caves merged with quarry cave part of raven holm as victory mine

??/11/2001 chargeable gravity gun present (vtmb started development with source, never updated engine version [1])

key dates

(Note (bun): oh yeah americans this is in dd/mm/yyyy deal with it 😎 - should change to yyyy-mm-dd in final article)

  • 3/01/2002 crow sounds
  • o Used sack tick model while being programmed
  • 4/01/2002 hammer 3.4
  • o Proto_sniper code still refers to program as worldcraft, this is the date the name changed
  • 4/02/2002 first e3 sounds
  • 13/02/2002 visual studio 7 (version before was the last version to use dsp, v6) see hl2_scripts.dsp in hyper era article, since this file could have been updated with a mash of things prior to this date
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